Louis Degerees
Profile of character:
Sin lust
Colour of sin red
Full name Louis Degerees
Age 14
Birthday N/A
Family N/A
Battles Sphinx Attack 22

Sphinx Attack 23

First appearance Persephone and Demeter
Appearances Persephone and Demeter
Last appearance N/A
Friends Spencer Peace; Charlie Dalton; Grant Pierce; Lucy Millington; Gabriel Western; Hannah Pierce;
Powers N/A
Status single
Physical attributes of character:
Height 1.79m
Weight 74kg
Eyes blue/green
Hair brown
Battle scars N/A



Louis Degerees, is one of the main characters in Dalton Academy Seven Sinners. He is the sinner of the Greek sin lust, and the colour red. He attends Dalton Academy, before the Pilot and first book.

Louis is a very smart, classy boy. He is a hopeless romantic and dreams of one day marrying. He is very into Greek mythology, and knows pretty much anything and everything to do with it. Besides his brains, he is also very athletic.


Louis Degerees is played by actor Eddie Redmayne .


Persephone and DemeterEdit

In Persephone and Demeter, he helps and shows new boy, Spencer around Dalton Academy. He helps Spencer through all of his flashbacks, and he appears in the flashback about Henry getting killed by the sphinxJess. He goes along with the other sinners onto their journey of saving Persephone, who is kidnapped by the Greek God of the Underworld, also her uncle, Hades.

TV ShowEdit

Season OneEdit


Louis is portrayed as a very sweet, smart boy who says things he regrets in the heat of the moment. He is seem to be very helpful towards Spencer, and helps him out and shows him around. In the last scene of the Pilot, he is seen rushing to tell Grant and Spencer about the sphinx attack that is going on.