Spencer Peace
Profile of character:
Sin depression
Colour of sin indigo
Full name Spencer Peace
Age 14
Birthday N/A
Family Claire Peace; mum

Tony Peace; dad Ciara Peace; sister Phoebe Peace; sister

Battles Sphinx Attack 23.
First appearance Persephone and Demeter
Appearances Persephone and Demeter
Last appearance N/A
Friends Louis Degerees;

Grant Pierce; Charlie Dalton; Gabriel Western; Lucy Millington;

Powers Flashbacks.
Status Single
Physical attributes of character:
Height 1.73 m
Weight 70kg
Eyes Dark brown.
Hair Black.
Battle scars N/A



Spencer Peace, is one of the main characters in Dalton Academy Seven Sinners. He is the sinner of the Greek sin depression, and the colour indigo. He attends Dalton Academy, from the first season and the show and book starts on his first day at school.

Spencer is very shy, and self anxious. He is selfless, and brave. He would fo anything for anybody - including try and fight a sphinx to save his friends. He may of made some bad decisions, but he is very loyal and trustworthy. Although he may of not made a great first impression with his friends, his decisions and team leading skills have proved himself a good friend.


Spencer Peace is played by actor Asa Butterfield .


Persephone and DemeterEdit

In Persephone and Demeter, Spencer is the new boy at Dalton Academy. He is on his own and lonely. He is lost and hasn't got a map or planner. He bumps into Louis , who offers to show him around - which starts blossoming into a friendship. Spencer gets flashbacks off previous events including the sinners, which makes him psychic, but seeing into the past as he was never actually around for any of these events. He witness' a sphinx attack, that ends up killing Jess. He goes with the sinners onto their journey of saving Persephone, who is kidnapped by the Greek God of the Underworld, and her uncle, Hades.

TV ShowEdit

Season OneEdit


Spencer is the new kid at school, and while his mum is supporting him - his dad is not. He meets Louis and the rest of the sinners, where he experiences flashbacks, and witness' a sphinx attack in real time. He experiences Jess' death. At the end of the Pilot, Louis rushes out to inform him and Grant that there is another sphinx attack.